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2010-07-04  Marcus Uddenhed  <>

        * oBacklight (core): Added a control to prevent brightness changes generating out of range values. Thanks again to damdim at forum for spotting this issue.

2010-07-03  Marcus Uddenhed  <>

        * oBacklight (core): Changed static values for max brightness, increase & decrease to variables to enable easier modification and system adaptation. thanks to damdim at forum for this input.

2010-07-02  Marcus Uddenhed  <>

        * oBacklight (init): Fixed faulty LSB header information.

2010-06-29  Marcus Uddenhed  <>

        * (file): Removed .sh file ending for startup script conformance.

        * oBacklight (core): Rewritten entire core to use ACPI calls instead of folder monitoring.

        * changelog.txt (text): Fixed faulty changelog format & missing changes from 2010-06-15.

        * readme.txt (text): Minor text changes.

2010-06-15  Marcus Uddenhed  <>

        * readme.txt (text): Added contact information.

        * license.txt (file): Added License file.

2010-05-01  Marcus Uddenhed  <>

        * readme.txt (file): Created.

        * (file): Created.