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oZimBackup v1.0.0

1. About.
2. Requirements.
3. Installation.
4. Backup Scheduling.
5. Support.

1. About.
oZimbraBackup is a backup script for Zimbra Collaboration Suite - Open Source Edition.

The main functionality is the ability to take different types of backup and sending them off site.

The script has the following features:
        * Full backup.
        * Differential backup.
        * Full message store backup.
        * Differential message store backup.
        * Backup packaging.
        * Off site transfer via SCP or FTP.
        * Logging with log file rotation.

The script is pre-configured with some basic options. Open up the script in a text editor of your choice and change the options to suite your needs.

The script has been tested with version 6.0.6 of Zimbra Collaboration Suite - OSE but should even work with the latest 5.x OSE branch.

2. Requirements.
This script utilize rsync, tar & gzip for basic functionality but needs scp, ftp & expect for file transfers.

3. Installation.
To install this script, simply put it where you want it and add it to crontab, make sure it is executable.
You can make it executable by doing this as root:

chmod +x

4. Backup Scheduling.
The scheduling of backups is highly individual depending on server load, amount of users a.s.o.
Some possible examples of scheduling with crontab:

        # m h dom mon dow       command
        00 3 * * *              /opt/scripts/ --full > /dev/null 2>&1
        00 12 * * *             /opt/scripts/ --msg-full > /dev/null 2>&1
        00 6,16,23 * * *        /opt/scripts/ --msg-diff > /dev/null 2>&1

5. Support.
Visit us at for support and bug reporting.